body confidence and weight loss 

When you look in the mirror do you like who you see?

Many of us women feel uncomfortable about how we look, and although we may know what we need to do to feel better: perhaps to lose weight, or get fit, actually sticking with our plans can be a real struggle.

You may have tried all sorts of methods; low carb diets, slimming programs like Weight Watchers, new exercise regimes, even gastric bands, all with little long-term success.

Even worse, you may may succeed in losing weight, but still feel bad about yourself - often the things we wish to change go deeper than our appearance.  

If this sounds familiar, isn't it about time you end that battle once and for all?

Many weight loss methods fail because they do not take into account the role of the mind, and our well-being in our ability to make change. In fact many of the traditional methods of weight management have things completely back to front!

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and you feel great about yourself. You look in the mirror and you are OK with the person staring back at you - even though you can still see the lumps and bumps you want to change.

Somehow today, you feel more in control. You have a healthier breakfast than usual, or you decide that today is the day that you do that exercise video you have been putting off for months…

The fact is, when we feel good we are better able to make choices which help us, and even nurture us. The choices we know we want to make. Change becomes easy.

When you work with me, not only will I help you to resolve any emotional reasons for over-eating, or lack of motivation, I will also help you feel good in your own skin.

The methods I use are very powerful for weight loss, because we can access that subconscious part of the mind, and help you to re-program it with the behaviours and choices you want to make. 

I understand that one size does not fit all, and will tailor the plan to your specific needs, ensuring that we create the perfect plan to help you create a new, healthy and positive you!

Even better, because you will be addressing the real issues at last, you are likely to experience some pleasant and very welcome side effects including:

  • Increased confidence

  • Better sleep

  • Lower stress levels

Click the button below to arrange your initial assessment consultation at a time that suits you. When we meet, I will discuss with you your aims and objectives, then explain how the mind works in relation to weight management and body confidence.  This consultation is completely without obligation, however, if you decide to go ahead then we will then formulate a plan uniquely tailored to assist you to achieve your goals.