Stop smoking

It’s time to stop smoking… for good

Are you tired of constantly battling your smoking habit?

Are you ready to kick your habit for good?

Would you like to become a non-smoker in just 2-hours?

If so, book a Stop Smoking Session with Leah Bevan.  And if you think these promises sound too good to be true, read this quote from New Scientist…

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little”.
— Robert Matthews, New Scientist

Intrigued? Then read on to discover how hypnotherapy can help you.

It’s quicker, easier and less painful to quit with hypnotherapy…

Have you tried to quit in the past only to find yourself giving in to those overwhelming cravings and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms?

It’s not surprising.

You see if you’ve been relying on willpower, your failure to quit is not your fault.

That’s because whilst you may have made a conscious decision to stop smoking, your more powerful unconscious mind is still programmed to make you light up.

Hypnotherapy powerfully re-programs your subconscious mind.

The key reason hypnotherapy works so well is because it tackles the root cause of your habit – your thoughts.

Using the latest hypnotherapy techniques, we’ll work together to powerfully re-program your subconscious mind so it supports your conscious decision to quit. This effectively stops your subconscious thoughts urging you to smoke and therefore significantly increases your chances of kicking your habit for good.

In fact, hypnotherapy is so effective, many people become a non-smoker after just one session. What’s more, with your subconscious mind onside, it’s very possible you’ll feel hardly any withdrawal symptoms.

I smoked for 44 years and am now a non-smoker. My Stop Smoking session with Leah Bevan certainly worked for me and I thoroughly recommend it
— M. Richley, Teacher, Devon

Your investment:

A specialist Stop Smoking session with Leah Bevan costs just £150 and lasts between 90-120 minutes.

At the start of your session I’ll explain in more detail the role your mind plays in your smoking habit. Then, using a combination of very specific questions and deep relaxation techniques, your subconscious mind will be empowered to help you quit. 

What’s more, because hypnotherapy is so powerful it’s likely you’ll only need that single session. (So if you currently smoke one packet a day, you’ll cover the session’s cost in just over 2 weeks).

Book today and be free of your habit.

You’ll find it’s quicker, easier and less painful to stop smoking with Leah Bevan. So if you’re ready to feel healthier, happier and richer by becoming a non-smoker, click the button below now and arrange your appointment at a time that suits you.

And then get ready to stub out your very last cigarette…

I look forward to helping you.

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