sleep difficulties 

Naturally restore your sleep...

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of sleep.  A good restful sleep can make you feel on top of the world, whereas a lack of sleep can leave you struggling to cope with day to day life.

Perhaps you find that you struggle to get to sleep – you go to bed feeling tired, but as soon as the light goes off, your mind starts to race.  Or maybe you settle to sleep easily, but you find yourself tossing and turning all night – or worse, you wake up, and then struggle to get back to sleep.

Maybe you find that you can sleep OK, but wake up in the very early morning (usually about 4 or 5am) and can’t drop back off despite feeling quite tired still.  Sometimes you manage to sleep through, but don’t feel refreshed by your sleep.

Without short term fixes

Sleep problems such as these are very common, and can affect us all from time to time, but when these problems (or a combination of them) become persistent, they can become a real issue, seriously affecting quality of your life.

Various medications are available to “treat” sleeplessness, and although they work in the short term, over a long period they do not promote healthy, normal sleep patterns. Often people taking these medications from their doctor will find that they experience a “hangover” of drowsiness during the daytime, and they may find that the tablets stop working after a period of time.

Solution focused hypnotherapy gets to the root of the problem

Solution focused hypnotherapy offers a safe and effective alternative to gently restore your natural ability to sleep.  Most people suffering with sleep problems will require a series of sessions to fully treat the problem, and therapy is tailored to your specific needs.  For this reason, the first consultation is a specially designed assessment consultation, so that I can assess the clinical situation, and recommend a course of action for you.

When you come to your initial assessment consultation, I will explain to you how sleep has become a problem, and exactly how hypnotherapy can restore your sleep.  You will also be given a support CD which is designed to encourage restful sleep, and begin the process of change.

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