fears and phobia 

How can hypnotherapy help me beat my phobias and fears ?

Many phobia sufferers are confused by their fear - you may understand that your fear is irrational, but feel powerless to change how you react.  It may even feel at times that your mind and body are conspiring against you and forcing you to react in this way.

A phobic or fear response is created by the primitive subconscious mind. If you are under real threat of attack by something or someone, these responses are actually useful, enabling you to react in a way that helps to protect you. 

All of the sensations and changes that we feel when experiencing fear are designed to make your body and mind as efficient as possible at either running away from danger or fighting it off.

To enable us to react quickly, the slower decision making part of the brain is by-passed - and the primitive protective part of the brain takes over. This subconscious part of the brain makes an instant decision about how to react, based on how we have reacted in the past, and also on the "fear template" in the brain about this particular threat.

Some time in the past, we can be sure that your subconscious mind has "decided" that there are compelling reasons to protect you from the object of your fear. Deciding to no longer be afraid is not an option - once a fear becomes a phobia, the mind switches to autopilot, reacting instinctively from the subconscious.  

It is this part of the mind we need to change, and with hypnotherapy it is easy.

Using hypnotherapy you can re-train this part of your mind to react differently.

Using the latest techniques - including Neurolinguistic programming - alongside the power of hypnosis, I can help with many kinds of phobias, and clients are often surprised at how common their particular fear is! 

Each treatment is individually tailored to your needs; the treatment for a person suffering with arachnophobia (fear of spiders) will be different to that for somebody suffering with agoraphobia (a complex disorder where fear of public places often means the person finds it difficult to leave the home).

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