Wouldn't it be great to enjoy life again?

Depression is a very debilitating condition to suffer with - people often describe it as feeling like a black cloud is over them, or being at the bottom of a pit they can't escape from.  It can strike anyone at any time of life, and can often be in response to big life changes such as having a baby, bereavement, loss of a job, or in response to high levels of stress.  

Whether it is in response to an event or just something that "just happens", it can bring a whole host of symptoms such as feeling empty or sadness, a lack of interest or pleasure, an inability to think clearly, inexplicable fatigue, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, sleeping difficulties, and weight changes.  

This unwanted symptoms and feelings can affect your whole life, causing strain on your relationships, health, career, and finances.  You may even start to feel like it will never go away, labeling yourself as depressed and consigning yourself to a lifetime of antidepressants and "getting through each day".

I have a long history of depression and was referred to Leah by my chiropractor. I cannot describe how helpful hypnotherapy has been, I am finally starting to really enjoy LIVING again, I am excited about the future and actually feel happy!
— Lesley K, Plymouth

Whether you believe it yet or not - life can be better!

With Hypnotherapy you can lift the weight of depression from your shoulders so that you can look forward to a brighter future. Unlike some other therapies for depression, there is no need to suffer unwanted side effects or explore negative past experiences to gain an understanding of your problem.  

From the very first session, we will approach your situation in a positive, down to earth and practical manner, properly assessing how the depression is affecting you currently, deciding where you would like to go, and creating a uniquely tailored plan to help you to feel good again!

There is hope!

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