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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Ride Your Elephant!

Ok, so your first question is probably “Has Leah gone nuts?  Why is she talking about riding elephants?”

And I can understand that, but I haven’t gone crazy (or at least this isn’t evidence of it!).

Trying to make changes can at times feel like riding an elephant.  The rider (you) seems to be in charge, but that control is precarious, because in comparison to the might of the elephant (your subconscious mind) you are tiny.  If the rider and elephant disagree on which way to go, then the rider is powerless!

We have all experienced this at times: when you have lost your temper and regretted it later, tried to stop smoking and it has felt like a battle, got stage fright, eaten a tub of ice cream when you are on a diet, or left the dishes when you knew it would be better to do them today.

This is why when we want to make changes, we (the rider) might want to take a different path, but in comparison to the elephant you are riding (your subconscious mind) you are tiny, and your influence is small if the elephant is determined to stay on that same path.  That internal resistance we feel when making changes is the battle between the rider and the elephant.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in, during the process of hypnotherapy what we are doing is allowing the rider to gently persuade the elephant that the new path is a much better choice, and once the rider and the elephant are both willing to move along that same path then change is easy!

Of course another point of view would be to relax as a rider and allow the elephant to take the lead - who knows what might happen!

*The idea of an elephant and rider metaphor was first put forward in relation to change in the book:  Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard , Dan Heath and Chip Heath